How to plop your wavy or curly hair

How to plop wavy or curly hair

you can use an old T-shirt and put the neck of the T-shirt around your hairline so that the body of the shirt covers your hair.
This gives a similar effect to plopping, but without squishing the curl or waves as much, you can scrunch through the shirt or just let it absorb some of the excess water.

Bend over from the waist, position the wet hair onto the t-shirt.
Grab ends of t-shirt, press head down on t-shirt begin to twist the two ends of the t-shirt as you stand up.

Use a hair tie or a clip to secure it in place the top of towel will be compressed against curls on top of your head
The clip is secure twisted t-shirt rolls as the base. plopping success and you're done.


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