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How to Apply Your Closure

The process of applying a lace closure is simple once you get the hang of it.

first begin sew-in hair extensions starting from the nape of your neck up to the crown of your head. This will normally take about 3-4 Bundles of weaving hair depending on the look you desire. The remaining area will be covered with your Lace Closure. Which your 4x4 lace closure Keep in mind, that the area that is left out should be just enough area to be covered by your lace closure. if you have more space left then you will need to sew in more weaving hair.

Now that you have sewn in your hair extensions You will now position the lace closure & make sure it covers the entire braided area.

After positioning the lace closure & confirming that it will cover the open braided area, you can now cut off the excess lace around the edges of your closure. You can begin securing the lace closure to the braided area, we recommend using a nylon thread for the sides and back of the closure. To sew down the front of your closure you can use invisible thread or the elastic band method so that your closure lays flat. You can find this invisible thread/ elastic band at any fabric store like Joann's, Michael,

Now that you have cut the extra lace, from the lace closure you will take the closure & position it. and begin sewing down your closure starting on either side of your closure left/right. Once you sew one side down pull the other side till the closure is flat and sew the other side. Then begin sewing down the front first then the back.

If you're using the elastic band method you will need to cut a piece of elastic and measure it around your head making sure that it snugged but not too tight. Then sew each side of the elastic to the left and right of your closure near to the front. Once that is done you will sew down all sides of your closure accept for the front. If you choose to use Glue once you are finished applying the lace closure without using the sew down method or elastic band method you will have the option of gluing the edges of the lace closure down to your skin to create an invisible hairline.

If you don't want to glue the edges of the lace frontal down to your skin, just position the lace closure at your frontal hairline. It is best you use the end of a rat tail comb & not your fingers while pressing down your closure once you have applied the glue. Once applied, go around the edges of the lace closure with a warm blow dryer for 3 minutes. Once finished sit under a hooded dryer for 10 minutes and style as you like.

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