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How to make your closure look natural

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

1- Pluck some of the hair out to create a visible parting- Most closures come with either a very thin parting or no parting at all. So, in order to get a nice big enough parting, you have to pluck out a few hairs. Do not over pluck or else you’ll end up with a bald patch on your closure. Also, when plucking, don’t make your line too straight and unnatural looking.

2- When applying your closure you can leave some hair out and apply the closure just 1 or 2 cm behind the hairline. This will make your closure look even more realistic. But if you like to apply your closures at the hairline you won’t need to leave any hair out at the front. You can just thin out the hairline on the closure for a more natural look.

3- You can add some concealer on your parting. Ensure that the concealer is a shade lighter than your foundation as your scalp is also probably a shade lighter than your skin tone. The concealer also helps to conceal the part where the lace ends and your real hair begins.

If your not into adding foundation to your closure. You can tint your lace closure for the perfect shade that will match your scalp color without having to add any makeup at all.

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