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How to Sleep with curling wand curls 

How to Keep your Curling wand curls while you sleep Care for your curls while you sleep. This is the most effective way of keeping them in place. To keep your spirals bouncy, do a pin curl. Loosely wrap your ringlet up with your finger and bobby pin it down. Repeat this with every curl until everything is pinned up. This can be time-consuming, but it's worth it when you wake up in the morning with Beautiful curls. Wrap your hair up with a hair net or silk bonnet. If you're using a hair net, place it over your head and tie it in place at the nape of the neck. Satin bonnets are just placed on your head over your curls. Wear this while you sleep to protect your curls from frizz. Carefully remove your net in the morning and take down your bobby-pinned curls. Once all the bobby pins are removed, gently use fingers to tug your curls to loosen them up. If you got your ringlets put into a roller set, they'll probably stay a little better for the first couple of days, especially if you have thick or coarse hair, so if you want your curls to fall and loosen a bit, skip the pin curl for the first night or so. Fix any mistakes with a curling iron/curling wand. If your curls still look a little limp or if a pin curl or two fell out overnight, touch up sections with a curling iron/curling wand. Wrap the hair around the iron vertically so it keeps it's ringlet shape and use the same size iron to touch up that you used to create the ringlets.

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