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How to tint your Lace

How to tint your lace closure

I know it must be frustrating when you purchase a lace closure or lace frontal that does not quite match your scalp complexion. Then your left having to apply some foundation to the parting area to get that perfect match. And this may be very time consuming.

Here is a few thing you can do to tint your lace

Tea bag method - semi permanent


Adore mocha 107 - semi permanent


My favorite ( rite dye ) - tan or cocoa brown - permanent

Cocoa brown https://amzn.to/2HeQ4zJ

Tan https://amzn.to/2vT0Ipm

When using the the tea bag method this method is only temporary it will last about 2 to 3 washes.

With adore dye method this will last a little longer.

The rite dye is my favorite because with this method it's permanent and you don't have to worry about repeating this method.

First boil some water

Put about a cap full of the rite dye into the hot water. Stir it up to make sure everything is mixed well.

Take a piece of paper towel or you can cut a peace of the lace off and dip it into the mixture .

Hold up the lace against your skin to see if it's the color you want.

Now you can begin putting the lace closure or frontal into the tint mixture.

I like to let it sit into the mixture for about 15 minutes while keeping a eye on it.

Once I get the desired color I take it out of the tint mixture and set it aside to air dry.

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